Partnering, Development, and More

Partnering, Development, and More

Transformational Performance Solutions can help your organization define a clear and simple reliability and maintenance strategy.

Dr. Wright has hands-on led and trained thousands of people on the topic of machinery reliability, lubrication, contamination control, oil analysis, and plant reliability management. He is sought out by the leaders in all industries to develop materials to educate and certify specialists. His investment is as the end user, responsible to plant leadership for plant reliability. While most others sell the idea that they have read about, Nathan partners with organizations and has done the hard work.

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Lubrication Programs

Lubrication Programs

I am only 1 of 63 people worldwide to have earned the Machinery Lubrication Engineer (MLE) certification from the International Council for Machinery Lubrication (ICML). This certification is the highest level of certification offered by the ICML and is without peer. It aligns and builds upon the ISO 55001:2014 standard, and ensures the holder possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve and exceed such a standard.

70% of all unreliability in rotating assets is caused by the lack of a proper lubrication.

Mechanical wear of equipment components is common, and this is particularly true where improper lubrication is an issue. Particle and moisture contamination along with wrong or degraded lubricants are the prevalent causes creating rust on metal components, increasing oxidation rate, which leads to increased acid within the components. We focus on:

  • Lubrication Program Design
  • Lubrication Application Design
  • Lubrication Selection
  • Lubrication Storage, Handling, and Delivery
  • ISO Cleanliness Standards
  • Tribology
  • Lubrication Engineering
  • Lubrication Route Development
  • Ultrasonic Lubrication Procedure Development
  • Sampling Program
Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

Having the wrong lubrications even though you may be doing everything else right is like putting “lipstick on a pig”. You must start with the right lubricants.

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We have a three-step strategy to bring transformation.

Step 1: The Dream or Future State

Transformational Performance Solutions uses broad based understanding of current maintenance and reliability practices as a starting point for discussion. TPS guides the leadership of your company in developing a reliability and maintenance strategy.

Step 2: The Discover or Current State

Transformational Performance Solutions uses customized practices for your company to assess an operation or several operations in your organization to determine the status of current practices in each operation.

Step 3: The Design or How Do We Close the Gap

Transformational Performance Solutions and the client jointly develop an implementation plan for the improvement opportunities we have identified. TPS will contribute with experience in maintenance and reliability, change management, and hands on expertise across many industries. The implementation plan will be built by your team using TPS as a catalyst and one-on-one coach.


At Transformational Performance Solutions, we not only educate and develop, but we also implement and coach execution of the improvements agreed upon with the client.

As Coaches, TPS transfers the knowledge and work procedures to your team as accurately and quickly as possible. We believe in practical, hands-on solutions to improve equipment reliability.

TPS brings a wealth of experience in reliability and maintenance improvement projects. We have worked all over the world in all types of industries.

Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling

Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling

TPS can help your organization by offering effective and customized or standard on-site classroom training in planning and scheduling. The programs are usually customized to our client.

We believe strongly in making sure the change process has buy-in and ownership in the organization. It is, therefore, important that a client’s organization takes ownership as soon as possible.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

TPS believes that the elimination of the problem before it ever occurs gives the desired results of a reliability process, instead of the common approach of Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA).

At TPS we focus on:

  • A simplified, structured, practical approach to eliminating problems for the front-line (hourly and front-line supervision), to enable root cause analysis and elimination of problems on the plant floor.
  • Training and support for facilitators when going through root cause and problem-solving sessions.
  • Support to implement a complete root cause problem elimination business process for the plant.
  • We offer root cause problem elimination training for all levels of the organization.

We offer root cause analysis training for the front-line organization. Training is important, but the root cause process must be embedded in your organization to be sustainable.

This process includes:

  • How to record problems.
  • How to select problems to be analyzed.
  • What triggers are to be used?
  • How to document solutions.
  • How to share results within your plant and between several plants.
  • Use results for autonomous training.

Materials Management

Materials Management

Maintaining materials take up a large part of a plant's maintenance costs. Not having the right materials in the right place at the right time is a common cause of productivity loss and reduced reliability. This is one of the largest issues faced by many planners and supervisors. Reliability starts with a good design and accuracy based spare parts management.

Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC
Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

We focus on:

  • Understanding the impact of maintenance storeroom management on maintenance performance.
  • Organizing for efficient materials management and maximum plant reliability.
  • Aligning objectives for Purchasing, Storeroom and Maintenance managers.
  • Developing the skills required for effective maintenance materials management.
  • Understanding the critical importance of materials data accuracy.
  • Integrating materials management with plant reliability.
  • Inventory management basics for supplies and spare parts.
  • Developing a logical, step-by-step process to decide what spares to stock.
  • Managing obsolete stock.
  • Integrating materials and engineering information.
  • Creating spare parts lists efficiently.
  • Searching for parts and supplies effectively, even with your existing data.
  • Managing spare parts interchangeability.
  • Managing repairable spare parts.
  • Developing Work kits.
  • Using Storeroom information to track reliability improvements.

Maintenance Strategy

Maintenance Strategy

TPS’s preventive maintenance and condition monitoring training teaches participants how to set up a strategy that thinks about reliability from the design stage of the operation, then develops a cost-effective preventive maintenance process, provides practical documentation, and field PM execution exercises. 

Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC

Maintenance strategies include:

  • Results-oriented reliability and maintenance.
  • Lubrication and hydraulics analysis.
  • Alignment.
  • Early detection of failures.
  • Bearings and vibrations.
  • Chains, belt, and guards inspections.
  • Material crack detection.
  • Inspecting pumps and mechanical seals.
  • Optimizing project management and condition monitoring systems.
  • Calculating financial benefits.
  • Understanding the most cost-effective maintenance methods.
  • Frequent inspections.
  • Setting inspection standards.

Bring in a catalyst to accelerate transformation.

It is about doing the right thing and this does not mean spending more money, scheduling more downtime, or adding more head count. We work with you to identify real reliability cost effectively.