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Transformational Performance Solutions, LLC, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the only leadership and reliability consulting firm led by an authentic and transformational leader and true maintenance and reliability professional. Using over 40 years of hands-on experience, Dr. Nathan Wright has physically worked in all key positions within industry. He has led a team in war time and peace to include some of the most iconic companies on the planet. He will help your organization achieve peak performance through practical leadership, personally proven proactive maintenance strategies, and skilled trade mentorship alongside your plant floor team.

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Nathan’s Transformational Approach

Nathan has enjoyed an impressive career working for some of the nation’s leading defense, forestry, mining, manufacturing, and food and beverage corporations.

And while he was passionately involved in leading teams and organizations, he began to work with corporate training programs and lecture series that did little to develop effective leadership skills.

Analyzing the ways in which professionals learn and apply leadership skills, Nathan developed a transformational approach that is vastly different from the transactional methods typically used.