Your plant CMMS is usually populated by procedures with time base periodicity suggested by the OEM. These fix time procedures add no value. These procedures are either not technically feasible or worth doing, or both. PM optimization identifies the non-value added tasks and focuses your resources on procedures based on your facility’s failure modes and delivers greater reliability and productivity. It is common to find the operations function adding to the troubles by requesting additional PM procedures when a failure occurs over understanding the root cause and adjusting the PM program accordingly if required. Learn the challenges for maintenance organizations to define the likely failure modes and properly optimize their PM program, only doing the proper maintenance work at the right time and in the right way.

Learn to assess existing PM programs and if you have the RIGHT PMs for your equipment.
You know proactive maintenance is fundamental to improving your plant’s reliability, but why is it so hard to get the correct PMs documented and executed?

Course Duration: 24 hours (3 days)
Public Course Investment: $1,695 per student
On-site Course Investment: Contact TPS