Proper Lubrication Starts with the Best Lubricants.

If you are using a lubricant with a gas company’s name on it, you are using the wrong lubricant.

In 1839 (20 years before oil was discovered), Schaeffer Manufacturing Company provided grease and oils for wagon trains and steamboats. Times and technology changed. So did Schaeffer. Since then, they have developed many of their current concepts in lubrication, including advanced additives for performance, friction modifiers for economy and synthetics for extended equipment and lubricant life.

Schaeffer’s strong foundation of success and their pioneering change along the way have led to their 180 years of continuous service to their clients. This is unparalleled by any of the name brand and other specialty brand providers. Schaeffer is the oldest lubricant manufacturer in the world and is responsible for many of the advancements in technology and this gives Schaeffer the advantage. Knowing where they have come from provides the best route to their client’s future. Schaeffer is not the Best because they are the Oldest. They are the Oldest because they are the BEST!

Schaeffer’s is family owned and managed since its inception in 1893, Schaeffer management is 6th generation, with no plans for acquisition or sale. They are 100% US owned and based and all their products are 100% made and manufactured solely in the US. From their headquarters’ staff and plant personnel in St. Louis, MO, to the over 600 local Schaeffer Advantage consultants, it’s the quality people that deliver performance day in and day out. The staff at Schaeffer’s are on you’re team, and not on your payroll.

The advantages are many. No matter what industry you’re in, Schaeffer helps you increase your profitability, improve performance, support your business with dedicated specialist, leads the way with improved lubricants and additives, an is part of your team.

“Our heritage means a lot to us, but our performance in the market, serving our clients with the very best lubricant solutions, means more day in and day out. Our industry leadership comes only from serving our clients well with the very best products.”

John Schaeffer Shields

Chairman of the Board

(4th Generation)

Unlike other organizations offering services, Dr. Wright warns against petroleum salespeople and their organizations. Their interest is in their company’s and their own profits. Dr. Wright is not espousing theory and a company’s agenda. Dr. Wright is a journeyman maintenance professional who has worked within several organization’s maintenance departments to include late nights and early mornings making plants run. While others have taken lubricant courses and read reliability books, Dr Wright has led maintenance teams during wartime and peace. He knows the difference between selling a company’s misleading product line and the importance of having the finest lubrication made 100% in and from the United States. Dr. Wright has used all major brand lubricants in real world plant environments and his recommendations and guidance is based on this extensive experience making plant run. The oil fields within the US borders are the finest base materials and this is where all great lubricants start. You would not go to a general practitioner to have heart surgery, because that is something you want an expert in the field with hands on experience (not sales or academic experience) to do. Your lubricants are no different. The big-name petroleum companies have a singular goal of making fuels and they buy their crude oil with the desire to make fuels with the largest profit margins and not lubricants. The leftovers from fuel distillation are just that to them, leftovers. These companies are general practitioners in the lubricant field. The crude that makes fuels the cheapest and easiest are not the same as those that are part of a premium lubricant. When it comes to reliability of your equipment you want and need a specialist. Someone whose company focus, and priority are lubricants. Someone with 180 years of experience in the field and someone who has done the hands-on work.

TPS services include reliability consulting, lubrication program design, lubrication handling and storage design, lubricant selection, lubricant supplier selection, oils analysis laboratory selection, vibration analysis, thermography, ultrasonic, spares parts and materials management, training, and root-cause investigation.

Dr. Wright has hands-on led and trained thousands of people on the topic of machinery lubrication, contamination control, oil analysis, and plant reliability management. He is sought out by the leaders in the lubricant industry to develop materials to educate and certify specialist. His investment is as the end user, responsible to plant leadership for plant reliability. While most others sell the idea that they have read about, Nathan partners with organizations and has done the hard work.

Dr. Wright is a published author and noted speaker on the subject of reliability, proper lubrication, contamination control, and proper installation. Respected across industry as an expert in equipment essential care (proper lubrication, contamination control, and proper installation).

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