Lubrication is the Key

Lubrication is the single largest opportunity in reliability. When developing a lubrication program, you need to partner with the right folks to achieve the desired results. As with all projects, you need to build the business case and once you have identified the funds, through savings, necessary to execute the program you can follow the plan above to guaranteed results. Helping your organization understand the importance of lubrication may be a lot of work. As I have mentioned, initiatives like lean downplay the importance of lubrication, even delegating it to unskilled operators. As we have discussed, lubrication requires a skilled professional who understands not only how to do it, but why. If you allow your organization to turn lubrication over to unskilled labor, you will suffer the fate so many before you have suffered.

As the oldest petroleum provider in the U.S., Schaeffer’s offers support that is unparalleled by their competitors.  They are owned by the family of founder Nicholas Schaeffer, and their customer service focuses on providing you the best solution, even if it is not Schaeffer’s. I have dealt with a lot of petroleum providers, but only Schaeffer’s has ever cared more about my lubrication issues then their profits. They also offer a hands-on assessment of every lubricated asset and a review of all associated original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals to ensure that their recommendations are in the best interest of your equipment.

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