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In transformational leadership, leaders will elevate their power and influence using referent power (charisma) and visionary approaches (inspiration).  The transformational leader is charismatic; the leader has a God-like quality that creates influence and referent power.  Inspiration is another aspect of transformational leadership in which the leader possesses the ability to engage and emotionally connect and communicate an idealistic future state.  This type of leader emits power and influences workers through visionary methods.  Individual consideration is described by a leader’s ability to gain power through mentorship and using a developmental approach with subordinates.  Intellectual stimulation is derived from giving subordinates the power to solve old problems with new ideas.  Employees are encouraged to question everything, including their leaders when appropriate.  A subset of transformational leaders may be perceived as ideological symbols, representing something much larger than themselves to their subordinates.  Leaders who are perceived as ideological symbols are less likely to be influenced by subordinates.  From a role-modeling viewpoint, there may be moderate influencing from individual consideration and cognitive motivation prompted by intellectual stimulation. 

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